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Quote of the Week

28 Mar

“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.” – Rita Mae Brown


Japan Update. Donate if you can!

12 Mar

If you’ve been watching the Japan news, I’m sure you’ve seen the nuclear power plant explosion.  I am watching it here at work on 4 TVs and it ain’t pretty.  To add to the earthquake, tsunami and mass devastation caused by both, now Japan has to deal with fire, explosions and radiation.  Wow.  PLEASE find a way to donate if you can!  I know none of us has tons of extra money right now but if you take the money used for your morning latte, pedicure, fast food run, weekend alcohol or whatever your luxries are, you can contribute to the relief.  They need it bad. 

DONATE!  No amount is too small!

Japanese Destruction

12 Mar

Yesterday morning I was having breakfast on my couch and turned on the news and saw the footage from the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan.  I almost crapped my pants!  It looked like those “end of the world we’re all going to die right now” movies.  I really couldn’t believe what I was watching. 

Japan’s quake measured an 8.9 on the Richter scale and was the 5th largest quake ever recorded. (click here to see the world’s biggest earthquakes!)  Mother Nature has been pretty rough on the world lately.  The most destructive tsunami of recent years hit the Indian Ocean in late 2004, a result of a 9.1 quake and killed over 200,000 people.  New Zealand felt a 7.1 tremor in September and a 6.3 aftershock last month.  Hey, stop turning on the earthquake machine!!

 California could potentially feel tsunami-related waves and strong currents, making waters dangerous for humans.  Yesterday, most of the West coast was under a Tsunami Advisory or Warning, including SoCal.  Beaches, harbors and piers across Southern California were closed at some point including San Pedro, Santa Monica, Malibu and Newport Beach.  I believe the advisories and warnings were lifted since yesterday but I’m not going to the beach anytime soon! (click here for earthquake safety info.)

 So, is an earthquake going to hit California anytime soon?  It’s hard to tell but experts say we won’t experience anything as trecherous as what happened in Japan because California doesn’t have the same tectonics as Japan.  California is part of the “Ring of Fire” and is situated along the San Andreas Fault.  The Fault – believed to be the source of L.A.’s next “big one” – is estimated to be capable of up to a magnitude-8.0 “shallow crustal earthquake,” the scientists said. Not as big as the recent quakes.  Do you believe the “experts”? 

Others don’t believe in the plates or the moon but in a higher power trying to tell the Earth something.  Telling us to stop drilling, polluting, fighting, etc.  Some have seen the destruction and concluded that there is no God.   Here are some opinions from a L.A. Times article:

What about the upcoming “supermoon” on March 19th?  Will it have an effect on the Earth, causing more quakes? 

Goat and supermoon. Got this pic off of the Yahoo news page.

Whatever you believe, click here to learn how to help with the relief in Japan.  No donation is too small.  My thoughts are with all those who have loved ones affected by the disaster in Japan.

Sheerly Sheen

5 Mar

I have Adonis DNA.

Have you been watching the one-man media devil that is Charlie Sheen lately?  Well, I saw the 20/20 interview and couldn’t get enough.  Going back to my previous post, observing human behavior is fascinating.  Especially behavior as colorful and open as Sheen’s.  This past week was a Charlie blitz.  He hit the morning news circuit including Good Morning America  and The Today Show.  He made sure to visit TMZ.  He phoned in to the Dan Patrick Show where he gave some advice to Lindsay Lohan.  But we first got a taste of his truely imaginative dialogue on his friend Alex Jone’s radio show.  Sheen attacked the “fools and trolls ”  of CBS, Warner Brothers and the Two and Half Men producer Chuck Lorre.  He believes he is under paid (he makes and approximately $2 million an episode) and that he’s tired of pretending that he’s not “special” and that the his sitcom is “the Charlie Sheen Show” and that he, and he alone, makes the show successful.  

"There's my life. Deal with it. Oh, wait, can't process it? LOSERS! Winning! Buh-bye." -CS

While the success of the show may be because of Charlie, so is its demise.  Warner Brothers announced that it will shut down production of Two and A Half Men, one of the most popular and successful sitcoms in history, for the remainder of the season.  Sheen believes the show shut down due to “the soft targets in cheep suits”, namely Lorre, getting their egos bruised from his recent comments.  A kind of “We’ll show Charlie!”  move, Sheen explains.  The studio claims it’s because they are worried about Charlie’s well-being.  But Sheen says he is clean, sober, and ready to get back to work.  And ready to sue.   

As much as he seems to be crazy or just having a hard time living sober, Charlie has spun his rampage into gold.  His interview quotes have been plastered on t-shirts, tons of quote sites have cropped up, even a cocktail the Charlie Sheeni Martini (with Tiger’s and Adonis blood) has been created.  He joined Twitter and was the fastest user to have 1 million followers. 

"I'm sorry, man, but I've got magic. I've got poetry in my fingertips." -CS

What started out as a vengeful “truth telling” media journey, seems to now be a clever ploy to gain more fans for Charlie.  In fact, Sheen and his ‘posse” of employees are jumping on the chance to capitalize on his “crazy”.   They are orchestrating the sales of Charlie Sheen merchandise and stoking the fire through by saturating available social media outlets.  Smart move or death wish?  A good question for Charlie’s former publicist who resigned recently.

I feel bad for the Two and A Half Men crew.  So many people are out of jobs.  Lighting, make-up, wardrobe, writers, the rest of the cast.  John Cryer made a funny cameo appearance in a skit on The Ellen Show (also on the WB lot) where he posed as Ellen’s temp receptionist.  It has been announced that Warner Bros. will be paying the cast and crew for the rest of the season.  Rumors are floating around that John Stamos was considered to replace Sheen in the sitcom.  What do you think of Uncle Jesse being on the show?

I had the pleasure of working on Two and A Half Men a few times in the later part of 2008 as a studio page.  It was actually where I felt my first California earthquake!  What I remember most from working there was how professional Charlie Sheen was.  Yes, professional.  He always remembered his lines, never missed his mark, and constantly made everyone laugh between takes.  And he really didn’t talk often.  I remember working the last show before Christmas break when his entire family came to see him.  His dad, brothers and sister, his then wife Brooke Mueller and kids all sat in the front row to support him.  He seemed to have the perfect life.  At the end of the each taping, cast members were  introduced to the audience with a song of choice.  Charlie’s was always Welcome to the Jungle.  Indeed.

So why does anyone care?  Why are people granting him these interviews where he basically validates that he is off his rocker?  Well, because it’s good TV.  We like to watch how people handle their problems.  How will Charlie rebound?  Or does he need to rebound?  Is he already “winning”?  Stay tuned to almost every major news channel and Internet page to find out.

"What they're not ready for is guys like you and I and Nails and all the other gnarly gnarlingtons in my life, that we are high priests, Vatican assassin warlocks. Boom. Print that, people. See where that goes." -CS

People Watching

4 Mar

People watching is one of my favorite pastimes!  Creepy?  Well, maybe but it is human nature to observe one another.  It’s hard to turn away from people arguing or laughing or just plain engaging in one another.  You can learn so much about someone in how they hold their coffee cup, open their wallet or pick which chair to sit in.  Human behavior is fascinating!

 My latest people watching session was just this week when I went to Pricilla’s Coffee and sat down at a patio table waiting to meet my friend.  Two men were discussing what seemed like business.  I wasn’t close enough to hear their words but one man’s hand movements alone showed enough.   He was waving his note-book to and fro’ while the other man feverously wrote down all he was saying.  The notebook waver waved so much that he had to back his chair up to make room for himself.  In doing so, he bumped the be-jewelled woman behind him who then tipped her hot drink to the ground and on part of her tutu-wearing poodle .  At this time, I laughed out loud while sitting by myself.  The woman, peeved, began yelling at the man.  I could hear her screeching clear as nails on a chalkboard.  All the while the other man’s pen never left his paper.  The enthusiastic chair bumping man began apologizing profusely but was getting nowhere with the howling Cougar woman.  He finally eased her fury by complimenting her shoes, picking up her poodle and giving the dog a piece of his scone.  The woman seemed charmed by this and then all three (poodle included) walked into Pricilla’s.  They stayed there the entire time I was with my friend.  As I left, I noticed them sitting at a table for two, deep in conversation and the poodle snoozing at their feet.  How funny!  Oh, and the other man sat alone for a while still writing and then finally checked his phone and left.  What was he writing?   What happened with the chair bumper and his new girlfriend?  Isn’t it amazing, the thousands of stories happening all around you? 

A funny scene from “Summertime” .  Katharine Hepburn’s character is okay with observing others but not when someone else observes her! 

What are some funny people watching stories you have?  By the way, try the freshly brewed iced green tea at Pricilla’s!  Delicious!

Great Show

1 Mar

Winner of Best Picture is "The King's Speech"

I had a great time watching the Oscars this year!  No big surprises.  Well, I was sure David Fincher was going to win Best Director but Tom Hopper nabbed it.  I was REALLY surprised that the live action short “God of Love”  won.  I thought “The Confession” should have taken it!   


Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman looked perfect in plum and how special she got to share the moment with her baby!  Her performance in Black Swan really moved me and I am glad she won!

James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Awkward hosting duo Anne Hathaway and James Franco were . . . awkward!  Anne had so much energy (did you see her hi-five that choir kid and almost knock him over?)  and James seemed like he was thinking about his next thesis paper for school the whole time.  At least they looked good. 

By the way, I won the Oscar pool at the viewing party I went to!  The tie breaker question was: “What film will take home the most awards and how many?”  I chose The King’s Speech and 5 awards.  Here is my ballot: viewmyballot  It might be upside down.  Sorry :/  I don’t have time to figure out how to save it right side up.  Anyone know how to do that?

  I found this picture from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and thought it was cool:

Staff waiting for the Vanity Fair party to start

What would it be like being on staff at an after-Oscar party?  I’d love that gig!  Or maybe it’s a complete nightmare?  

Interesting thought:  What do you think of awards for art?  Sure, winning an Oscar can catapult an artist’s career but does an award really mean someone is the “best”?   It is well-known that the Oscar is a result of studio campaigning /who-likes-who and not just talent.  Would it be more fair, say, if everyone worked on the same project and the winner was chosen based on the best performance of that common project?  That would be pretty boring but maybe a more accurate showing of who is the “best”.   Anyway, it’s just how the system works(for 83 going on 84 years) and how lucky a person is to get that golden guy!  Here is a complete list of all the winners :

2011 actor winners Bale, Portman, Leo, and Firth.

 Now what else is there to blog about now that the show is over?