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Quote of The Week

30 May

“No one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or emotional appeal.”
-Marilyn Ferguson




26 May
Hidy ho!


This past Sunday I went to a screening for a movie called “Earthwork”.  

The movie recounts a true story about crop artist Stan Herd.  Stan traveled from Lawrence, Kansas to New York City in 1994 and risked everything to create an enormous piece of art made solely from the earth, an”earthwork“,  on land owned by Donald Trump. 

Not the Trump earthwork but another one of Stan's beautiful earthworks.

Most of the movie shot in and around Lawrence, KS.  My college town!  I only recognized a scene that was shot in The Dusty Bookshelf on Mass Street.

Most of the crew are University of Kansas alumni:

• writer/director Chris Ordal, ’05
• crop artist Stan Herd, ’86
• producer Brendon Glad, ’04
• producer/editor Brad Roszell, ’05
• actress Laura Kirk, c’89

I got to meet the lead actor, Oscar nominee for “Winter’s Bone”,  John Hawkes.  He was so gracious and nice! 

It was great to see KU grads doing what they love!  If you get a chance, check it out!  Here is the website to see if there is a screening near you:

*RESTAURANT REVIEW:  Try Momed Market Cafe in Beverly Hills on Beverly.  I went there after the screening.  Great Mediterranean food (my favorite) for a reasonable price.  The yogurt marinated chicken skewer is delicious!  Nom nom!

Seriously, guys, I’m going to …

25 May

Give myself more time!

I’ve noticed that I am always rushing to my destination.  I’m not usually late but I always get there in the nick of time.  I’m flustered, disorganized and always feel like I’m going to be late.  Like that crazy ol’ rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

The White Rabbit

 Instead of getting there 2 minutes before I’m going to try to get there 10 minutes before.  A small but useful buffer.  Sounds simple?  Not for me!  I’m a last-minute type when it comes to leaving.  Bad things happen when I’m rushing.  I drop stuff, I drive too fast, I forget things.  I’m unprepared!  Well, seriously, guys, I’m going to give myself more time.

Quote of The Week

23 May


“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.” – Benjamin Franklin


20 May

Did you see the news clip that about the woman who got kicked off an Amtrak train for talking too loudly on her cell phone?  YES!  Apparently, LeKeysha was talking loudly on her cell almost all the way from Oakland to Salem,Oregon and she just wouldn’t stop.  She through a hissy when the authorities asked her to shut it.  She didn’t shut it and off she got kicked.  Here is the article:

Lekeysha gets kicked off Amtrak.

 Prolonged, loud, cell phone talking is one of my biggest pet peeves!  I do not want to hear one side of your entire conversation.  Especially in a quiet, enclosed environment.  ANNOYING! 

Well, I found the best website about cell phone etiquette!  Have you been?  AWESOME!  Unspoken rules for cell phone users, funny and effective ways to ask someone to SHUT UP and videos of other people getting annoyed at cell phones.

Go to the “Hidden Videos” for a laugh at “Annoying Cell phone Guy.”  I love that he screams “Ciao” at the end of every video!  Here is one of my favorites:

Cell phones are inventions I would dislike living without but I kind of miss having to use landlines and payphones.  Maybe because they are such novelties now a days . . .

Still of Lady Gaga from her "Telephone" music video.

 Are you an annoying cell phone guy and/or girl?  Don’t be!

Seriously, guys, I’m going to …

18 May

Get enough fruits and vegetables every day!  I don’t know about you but I don’t eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables during my day.  I usually have fruit in the morning and I’ll maybe have a salad later in the day and I always ask for extra veggies on my Subway sandwiches.  That’s enough, right?  Nope.  According to “Fruits and Veggies Matter”, I need 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of veggies each day.  I can clear the fruit hurdle easy but the veggie consumption will be a bit harder for me.  Don’t get me wrong, veggies, I like you, you just don’t taste as good as cupcakes . . .


 How many fruits and veggies should you be getting /  Find out here:

International Nurse’s Day

12 May

Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie.


Happy Nurse’s Day!  Nurses Week began on May 6th and ends today, May 12th, on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, which has been designated as International Nurses Day. This week is celebrated to recognize the contributions that nurses and nursing makes to the community.

Florence "The Lady With the Lamp" Nightingale. A pioneer in the nursing field.

My childhood best friend, Casey, and her sister, Abby, are graduating from The University of Kansas School of Nursing (go jayhawks!)  later this month!  I will not be able to see them graduate so I want to wish them a very Happy Nurse’s Day and congratulations on graduation.  You are awesome, girls! 

Two generations of nurses! Abby, Mom Susan, and Casey!

Thank a nurse today (or any day) for all their hard work!  The late nights, early mornings, complaining people, blood and and guts are all part of their job.  They deserve a thank you! 🙂