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Image 26 Feb


My Bests of the 85th Oscar Ceremony!

26 Feb


Jessica Chastain!  A lot of actors try to  re-create the “old hollywood” look and they usually look lame and character-y.  Not Jesseecah.  She looked SO tasteful and like a MOVIE STAR.  Not too over the top and just . . . perfect!  I have such respect for this lady’s talent and her dedication to her craft.  Ah-mayzang.


“I went to Juilliard and I’m on Broadway and I released 10 movies in the past year AND I have a three legged dog! All I need is an Oscar . . . “

I liked Best Actor winner Double D Lewis’s style last night.  Nice hair cut, weird bow tie, and lookin’ a little pale.  And he wore a blue tux.  He’s an individual.  And sexay as heyall.


“I cobble my own shoes”


No, it wasn’t from Seth McFarlane.  I didn’t laugh at anything he said.  It was Best Actress Winner Jennifer Lawrence’s trip!  Well, not her actual trip (the trip was actually great promo for her Dior gown.  That train was badass!)  but the way she recovered from it.  She has the best sense of humor and really made everyone fall in love with her even more.  And this press room clip proves it:

You go, JLaw!!


“Fuck you! I’ll never come down from my peak.”


My boss’s husband WON AN OSCAR for best Animated Short Paper Man!!!!   I almost choked on my cheap sparkling wine when they announced it!  John Kahrs!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I’m gettin’ pay-perrr”


Best Animated Short “Paper Man”


Ang Lee’s Best Director win for Life of Pi!  I LOVE it when there’s a surprise win!


“Ha HA! I won.”



Adele always seems like she is so appreciative of the awards she wins.  So much soul and just charming.


“I’ll add it to my collection.”


Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum!  Charlize started out as a ballerina so I’m sure she just loved dancing on stage last night.  Beautiful!  And lawd if it isn’t the best to watch a straight man who can dance!


A Pas de deux with Theron and Tatum, too!


The long haired wizards of the Oscars!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Paul N. J. Ottosson , Sound Editor Of “Zero Dark Thirty”

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Karen Baker Landers & Per Hallberg, Sound Editors Of “Skyfall”

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Claudio Miranda, Cinematographer Of “Life Of Pi”

Get a complete list of winners here!

23 Feb

“I never lived the life of  ‘Oh, you’re so good-looking’.  People thought I was a girl when I was little, because I looked like a girl-maybe because my mother would keep my hair really long in a bowl cut.  I was in a coffee shop once and the waitress was like, ‘What do you want, Miss?’  I was 10 or 11-the worst age to have that happen.  I had a jean jacket on and a Metallica pin. I thought I was really cool.”

-Bradley Cooper


Well, look at him now. There really are Silver Linings in life.

Happy Friday!

22 Feb

Claie de Lune by Debussy.  Rocks my world, man.

20 Feb


“Even after all these years, the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.”  Look what happens  with a love like that.  It lights the whole sky.”

– Hafiz

19 Feb

” Aw, sometimes I grow so tired.
But I know I’ve got one thing I got to do . . .”

17 Feb


“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”

-Brigitte Bardot