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29 Nov

“Stop telling girls they can be anything they want when they grow up!  I think it’s a mistake.  Not because they can’t.  Because it would’ve never occurred to them they couldn’t.  You’re planting that seed in their heads.  It’s like saying, ‘Hey, when you get in the shower I’m not gonna read your diary.’  ‘Wait, are you gonna read my diary while I’m in the shower?’  ‘No, silly, go take a shower!’ “

-Sarah Silverman



Working on Set!

22 Nov


I love acting!  My happy place.

New HurrDo

21 Nov

New hair cut and color!  Swingy and blonde; just like Thor!!  Chris is still cuter, though. “sigh”


Happy Veterans Day

10 Nov

Happy Veterans Day to Mom, Dad, Uncle Gary, Uncle Tony and Grampas Jim and Ken.  And to all the veterans.  Thank you for serving our county so selflessly.


6 Nov